The skills tab allows you to add new skills and configure all settings about it:
As you can see, a skill has many settings.

General Settings:

  • Skill Name: The name of the skill
  • Skill Description: The description of the skill
  • Icon: The icon of the image (used in the Skills component and skill tree)

Skill Settings:

  • Skill Type: What type of skill is this one (you can only choose one type per skill). This type is also used to procedurally generate a skill tree
  • Assignable to Skill Bar: Can you add the skill to a skill bar (like a hotbar with skills to execute)?
  • Skill Execution Type: What execution type is the skill? There are three types of skill:
    • Instant Execute --> Instantly executes a skill (skips the casting phase)
    • Cast Execute --> This skill needs a cast time before it executes
    • Permanent Execute --> Constantly executing this skill, like having an HP buff (only executes the execution phase, skips every other)
    • Stored --> “Reloads” a skill after executing, can store up to a certain amount of skill executions. The "reload" will be reset when you execute the skill again. Only a full "reload" gives you an execution back
    You can specify the time for the cast and execution phase before the next phase starts.
  • Cast time: Time for casting a skill (i.e. a magic spell with a preparation time)
  • Execution time: Time for a skill to execute
  • Cooldown time: Time until a skill can be used again. Does not apply to Permanent Execute skills
  • Cooldown time between: Time to wait for a stored skill to wait until it can be used again
  • Max amount: Maximum amount of executions of a stored skill
  • Start amount: The starting amount of executions of a stored skill
  • Conditions for activating a skill: These conditions must be true to activate the skill
  • Skill State: The state a skill has at the start of the game. Ideal for specifying beginner skills that are active from the start
  • Use Skill Points: Use the skill points property in the settings to unlock this skill
  • Skill Points Needed: The amount of skill points to use to unlock the skill
  • Requires Level: Use the level property in the settings as a requirement to unlock the skill
  • Level: The level the character needs to have to unlock the skill
  • Relies On Skills: Rely on these skills (they need to be unlocked)
  • Additional conditions to unlock the skill: Use these additional conditions to check if someone can to unlock the skill
  • Reset Skills Settings: These actions will get executed when the skill is being reset (usually when doing a reset of all skills)

Skill Events:

  • On Activate: Execute these actions when the skill gets activated
  • On Cast: Execute these actions when the skill is in the casting phase
  • On Execute: Execute these actions when executing the skill
  • On Finish: Execute these actions when the skill reaches the finishing phase
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