Finder for Game Creator

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This version will no longer be updated and maintained.

Finder for Game Creator is a module for Game Creator and allows you to find and edit all Game Creator components and scriptable objects in centralized Editor windows.

Download the module:

Key Features

  • Edit all Game Creator components and scriptable objects in centralized Editor windows

  • Search for titles in actions or descriptions in conditions

  • Sort from A-Z or Z-A

  • Use the Extension Installer to quickly install or remove the Game Creator module extensions


Download the package from the the Unity Asset Store. You need Game Creator installed first.

Then, bring up the Module Manager by clicking on the Game Creator option in the toolbar and selecting Module Manager. Click the Finder for Game Creator Module Enable button.

This asset requires Game Creator and won't work without it. Don't attempt to extract the package inside the Plugins/ folder as it will throw errors.

Update Procedure

The following steps show you how to update this module:

1. Import the new version from the package manager / builtin Unity Assetstore

2. Update the Finder in the Module Manager until it shows the latest version (you may have to click Update twice or thrice to register it properly)

3. Install the extensions you need either from the extension installer or the module manager

4. Go to the Module Manager and update the extensions to the latest version

This procedure is necessary for the Module Manager to register the updated version numbers and changes to the module manifests.

The following images show a typical update procedure:

Old version

New version

Last updated