GC Finder Extension

The GC Finder Extension is an editor extension for the Unity asset Game Creator. It provides an extension installer and editor windows for all triggers, conditions and actions from Game Creator in the current scene, as well as all module specific scriptable objects. Everything is structured from A-Z by default, foldable and highlighted in the scene and project hierarchy when clicked on it. You can also search the names of the objects and sort it by Z-A. The installer window looks like the following:

The extension windows look like this:

The extension is available on the Game Creator Hub for free and provided as a module to manage in the module manager.


  • Unity Editor from minor version 2018.4 upwards

  • Game Creator

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the package from the Hub

  2. Import the package into Unity

  3. Enable the package in the module manager

  4. Check if you see the added menu entry

  5. Install the available extensions